Narrow the digital divide between
your products and consumers

Take your brand storytelling to the next level

Live Interactive Video Broadcasts for Marketing

Convert Audiences

Directly connect digital consumers to your brand experience, stories and products in a new way that converts prospects and creates loyalty. Bridge the gap between your physical products and digital audiences.

Activate Advocates

Motivate industry influencers and brand advocates to tell your story by connecting them directly to your brand and products via live interactive video, answering their questions and providing them with insider details from your product experts.

Create Content

Live video makes the best content because it is naturally engaging, visual, and authentic. Re-purpose the video, Q&A, comments, and testimonials from events by linking to archived playback and creating sharable video clips.

Of Brandlive audience members...

0% claim increased product and brand understanding.
0% consider social reviews.
0% of visitors ask questions.

Connect Your Product to Digital Audiences

Connect Your Experts to Every Audience

Pottery Barn puts their product experts and designers on camera to tell authentic brand and product stories in real-time. Create live, interactive storytelling experiences that educate and entertain, connecting your products to the lifestyles you represent.

Show Real Life Product Applications

Use your best personalities, like the Cake Boss, to show real-life applications of your products. Your events can live wherever your audience is: your website, an event microsite, or your Facebook page. Everyone gets the same story directly from the source.

Activate Influencers and Advocates

VIP Access for Key Audiences

Jarden Home Brands, parent company of Ball Brand Canning Products, holds International-Can-It-Forward Day live from New York. This annual event features award-winning chefs doing live demos, with special invitation access for bloggers and social influencers.

Create Reusable Content

Turn Live Events Into Engaging Videos and Social Promotions You Can Use Anywhere.

Krusteaz joined forces with Katherine McCord of “Weelicious" to concoct tasty holiday-inspired treats. Each of the recipe segments completed during the event were perfect for splitting and individually posting to social channels and further promotion.